Verbal Ability [Non-RC] Quiz for CAT – 3

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The format of CAT has 34 questions in Verbal ability section from the aforementioned topics. These topics can be further classified as follows:

  • 1-2 questions on para summary
  • 3-4 questions on jumbled paragraphs
  • 2-3 questions on crticle reasoning (weakening/streanthening the argument,paradox etc)
  • 1-2 questions on inference of the passage.
  • There are many other topics from which questions has been asked like vocabulary,error correction,FIJ etc.

Error Correction:

This section tests a candidate’s command over the grammar of English language which includes articles, phrases, clauses, modifiers, prepositions, subject-verb agreement, sentence correction, conjunctions, parts of speech, pronouns, punctuation, usage of infinitives and gerunds in sentences, tenses, etc. These may include questions on identifying the error in a sentence or fill in the blank to complete the sentence.

Jumbled Paragraphs:

This section includes questions on random jumbled sentences and ‘out of context’ sentence to be picked out of jumbled sentences. For random jumbled sentences, the candidates are given a group of sentences that have been jumbled up. The candidates have to place the sentences in the right sequence to get a contextually correct paragraph. There will be another kind of questions like, where the candidates will be given a set of jumbled sentences which make sense when placed in the right sequence, but there will be a sentence in between them that will be completely out of the context as compared to rest of the sentences. Candidates have to find that incorrect sentence to get the correct answer.

Facts, inference or judgment:

There are four sequentially ordered statements in this section. Every statement provided in this section can be classified as either a fact, inference or a judgment. The question is followed by four options and the candidates have to pick the most appropriate option that best describes the sequence of these statements.

Para summary:

This section includes a small text and the candidates have to pick the option that summarizes the given text most appropriately.

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